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The cosmos is a captivating subject that sparks creativity in numerous artists, including photographers. For this personal project, I've chosen to focus on delving into the mysteries and beauties of the cosmos, primarily utilizing DIY techniques to craft my own accessories and settings.

While scouring the vast array of online resources, I stumbled upon inspiring ideas for fashioning my own planet and galaxy backdrops. I also discovered tutorials for crafting my own lens filters, as well as advice on producing light and motion effects.

I began by constructing my own spaceship setting followed by that of the moon. Plaster, acrylic paint, and glitter were my mediums of choice in crafting this atmospheric ambiance.

Throughout this project, I learned to harness creativity with simple materials and to experiment more extensively with my camera. I was taken aback by how DIY accessories and settings can metamorphose a simple image into a cosmic work of art.

Ultimately, my objective was to create images that stimulate imagination and encourage viewers to delve deeper into the cosmos.

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