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I am a freelance photographer in Switzerland specialized in the field of publicity. With my extensive work experiences in the field of marketing, I am capable to provide an all-rounded service from the initiation of a concept to delivering an array of finished images. The works I produce are reflected with a strong visual identity where the client's vision is prioritized.





Latest Work



Maison Margiela  Fragrance


For the holiday season, I shot a digital campaign for Maison Margiela Fragrance.

I've been ask to do as well a video for this campagn.


Personal Project

In June 2022, I created this personal project called "Pinktopia".

On this project, I started from the concept’s creation, the choice of outfits, models and the location.

I wanted to give a romantic and spring style while using very fashionable pieces.

The shoot took place at the Château De Vuillerens in a magical and verduous athmosphere.

For the models I chose @Annamaradan and @cassmicheli who fit perfectly into this universe. I chose the outfits by respecting the color codes that I had put in place prevously, by mixing several materials, textures and cuts but keeping in mind the romantic and spring style.

We did 2 sessions on this shoot with evolving makeup thanks to @msharlequingirl and @charlottebobba.


Here are the results of the shoot.

Gren Leaf

Personal Project

Limited possibilities = more creativity.

These photos were entirely taken in my 35m2 apartment where the bed, furniture and all my life are also stored for a budget of less than 50chf.

- Inflatable pool: 25chf

- Plants found in nature: free

- Second hand sheet: 5chf

- Clothes, sheets and fabrics second hand: 10chf

- Light: natural + lamp: 10chf

- Lots of creativity: your mind

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